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  • WRONG! - See update below.
    Question / observation: Regarding the diode between the arduino transmit pin and the XBee receive (DIN) - Isn’t it pointed in the wrong direction?
    Observation 1 from the schematic - The diode is “pointed away” from the XBee module on the DIN pin, thus preventing the incoming signal from outside the module from reaching the receive pin.
    Observation 2 from a real XBee module & a bus pirate - The module doesn’t receive communications from the arduino or bus pirate when appropriately connected. The XBee module transmits just fine, but never responds to commands - because it never receives them. I placed the bus pirate receive pin against the XBee module’s DIN pin and it doesn’t receive anything. Then I short the diode and it works just fine.
    Update - I have been corrected. The behavior the XBee expects is for the DIN pin to be pulled LOW, not pulled HIGH so the Diode is correct! See:

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