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  • Why are so many people whining that they missed out on their $100, somebody had to. What was everyone expecting, that the site would run as normal and everybody would win? Shame on anybody that will boycott Sparkfun because of their attempt to share at least some of the wealth.
    Good job, a bit disappointing for me (yes I missed out too), when will the side bet winner be announced?

  • Awesome! Especially for in an office.
    chansuke: What about putting the pressure sensors in between pieces of particle board?
    I was thinking about this too, although particle board might be a bit soft/flexible. I was thinking some perspex or simular discs inside the fridge as I would need to measure up to 2 kegs and a CO2 bottle. All to be displayed on a 20x4 LCD with temp, beer names and % left, and CO2 % left. Next project idea - an autonomous vehicle to deliver a beer to any location in the office?

  • You just need to calculate the change in absolute position to get a ralative position, I would imagine that this would be exactly the same type of touch sensor the Ipod uses. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but in the product description it even says "allowing the user to very accurately calculate the relative position on the rotary".

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