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  • Where's the coin-cell power supply block?

  • That's what I tried at first but I was getting errors… I'll try uploading the files directly next time and watch carefully what the errors are. Maybe I missed something?

  • It seems we crashed the OSHPark server… :p

    I've been trying to upload a design and I keep getting Error 503: Service Unavailable

    edit: it's back online.

  • Just tried OSHPark for the first time. I'm using OsmondCocoa and the default filenames didn't get recognized by OSHPark, so I tried the simple way: rename the files. And it worked on the first try!

    1 . To make things easy, put your board outline on the "A1" layer in OsmondCocoa

    2 . Use "Files, Export, Gerber files"

    3 . Rename the files as follow:

    AUX1.GBR --> boardname.GKO

    LAYER1.GBR --> boardname.GTL

    LAYER2.GBR --> boardname.GBL

    MASK1.GBR --> boardname.GTS

    MASK2.GBR --> boardname.GBS

    SILK1.GBR --> boardname.GTO

    SILK2.GBR --> boardname.GBO

    DRILL.TXT --> boardname.XLN

    4 . In Finder, right-click the GerberFiles folder and select "Compress GerberFiles"

    5 . You're now ready to upload the .zip file to OSHPark!

  • I think the easiest way for him to offer different colors of PCBs without making things too complex could be to have the first board in purple, the second in white and the third in red.

    It doesn't matter what the other colors would be, but they would have to be fixed choices.

  • BSD and NeXTSTEP are not GNU/Linux, not that anyone cares. :p

  • How about a special setup that could go through dozens of them by letting the hardware talk to them one by one via their select pins?

  • I use a Mac mini. I compile and program my AVR's from the Atmel IDE in Windows XP inside VMWare, then I design my 3D parts in Sketchup in OS X, code the final parts in my own PHP program via TextWrangler in OS X, my PHP program converts those parts into RML-1 codes, I save the resulting files to a CompactFlash card, then I copy the files from CompactFlash to the hard drive of my old ThinkPad 760XL which is running Windows 98SE and then finally I send those files to my Modela MDX-3 via an MS-DOS shell via the "copy file.rml lpt1" command.

    It just works!

  • Wouldn't it be possible to connect dozens of Arduinos in parallel to program them all at once? Even if you have to lower the clock speed of the ISP/HVSP it would still be faster than physically connecting, programming and disconnecting the units one by one.

  • Aaaaaahhhhh!!! :p

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