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  • Ok, so the tensy boards were stacked and mounted directly to the helmet? That would make sense, I guess the breadboard layout threw me for a second.

  • I would be curious to see the final project mounted in the helmet. You didn’t keep it on the breadboards did you? This is where a small perfboard and the lost art of wire-wrapping (short pins) would make a much smaller package.

  • Oh my poor busted rover!

  • Maybe I missed something not so obvious, but now that I had a chance to go over the library example, it appears this just touches on some of the additions you would need to make, in this case the pin assignments. For complete support of the other serial ports you would need interrupt handlers and ring buffers. Is this all handled by the library as shown? I didn’t see anything that cover this part of the code, but I’m still learning C++, so I may have missed it.

  • That pretty much outlines my intentions, but rather then use a GPS, I would start with encoders and fine tune with obstacle avoidance. If the AVC course remains similar to what it was, you have more of a maze running algorithm, rather then the need to go from one exact spot to another. Some like “drive at this heading until you see an opening on the right”, then turn to this new heading. And while on that heading, use side sensors to stay centered between the bales.

  • This is good timing. After my poor GPS based runs at AVC, I’ve been looking into a dead reckoning approach using something like the SAMD21, the MPC-2950, and some sonar. Nate, we spoke in the AVC pit area, I’m Kelly from Phoenix. I didn’t know you had an AVC entry, would have liked to have seen what you brought.

  • With the addition of left turns to the new course, Left Shark now has a fin up on the competition!!

  • Speaking of these videos, the rule page doesn’t say where to send them. I’d rather send the videos early if possible,

  • Who do we contact with rules questions?

  • I’m using a 1.44" display for each eye. I think we’ll be able to peek under that board since the eye opening is ~4". Might even allow the boards swing out of the way when not in use. Now I need to figure out how to make that big cyan ring in the left eye. Maybe a ring of LED’s.

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