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  • This answer greatly saddens me. I wanted to be able to wear these in class.

  • Hey I just wanted to check, since people are mentioning the actual socket being red? Is this true, because if so, count me in for 5. Never seen a red ZIF before.

  • Quick question regarding the usage of a digital potentiometer: Can you use another resistor or potentiometer or digital potentiometer in series or parallel to change the values as you would with a mechanical one, or is the variability of the digital version accomplished in such a way as to make this impossible?

  • Could we also see maybe the female port for the connector?

  • It’s nice to finally see a smaller size of this stuff, more affordable for us starving students. Thanks for the great offering guys! Also, the cool SparkFun logo adds to the street-cred, making it that much more desirable.

  • I actually have two questions about this item. First, why is it listed under LEDs? Perhaps you should create a category ‘optoelectronics’ to cover all light-emitting products. Second, does this output a sine wave or pulsed DC?

  • So let me get this straight. This thing is a color LCD with built in controller, backlight circuitry, microSD socket which is compatible with both low capacity and high capacity cards, AND! it basically has a user programmable microcontroller with 10k of program space and 2 GPIO lines in addition to all the on-board control lines for interfacing with the LCD?

  • Wondering why the Eagle Files archive doesn’t include the .sch and .brd files?

  • I’m working on a battery powered setup, but I want to run the uC at 5V, since the sensor I’m using also takes 5V, and the display will probably need the same 5V. Can I safely use this charge IC, which would then connect to the battery, and also connect to a DC-DC step up converter or would there be a feedback loop or anything giving me an unwanted result in the charge circuit?

  • The description says that it’s an RJ15 socket…?