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  • 'They said I wasn't very bright. They said my future was dim. But today... today I will shine.'

  • What are the dimensions?

  • Would the shrouded headers (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10877 & http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8506) fit on this board together?

  • So the pins are all connected to nothing? or all connected to a giant piece of metal? Continuity test time!

  • K'mon Grant, parallax? Get a real �C.

  • Try reading the documention once in a while.
    "The SD card slot on the shield is not supported by the Arduino software."
    There's no point in including an SD slot, if the hardware won't recognize it in the first place.

  • NXTreme NXTreme: _ And if you lost 2 hours in which you could have made another $100 well, sorry:)_
    This comment pisses me off just as much as the other people. Some of us are full time students and don't have the time nor the money to buy nice things. Nor do we have the $100/hr wage that you high and mighty people have.

  • Probably people who knew what links were those that submit info and were forging packets and injecting code, so they didn't have to load the site from SF's servers.

  • I waited weeks for this. Weeks. This is the one thing I looked forward to before I leave for bootcamp. But even with the dual fiber optic T3 lines going into my house, your servers preformed like spark. It's not all bad though, I did manage to get a login screen this morning, after waiting for an hour an a half. Thanks Sparkfun!

  • Always clean your boards! I don't know if it's because I'm IPC certified for class III PTH as well SMT, but even with a Low flux, corrosion can occur. Just make sure you clean off a board with rubbing alcohol and some non-fibrous tissues (Kimwipes are really good). And it helps to use a flux brush (commonly sold at hardware stores for applying acid based fluxes for copper pipes) to scrub with the alcohol. And note that the alcohol doesn't act as a solvent, it just removes the flux from the board and mixes with with the alcohol. Then use the Kimwipes to clean it up.
    Happy soldering!

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