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  • "The XB-200 is a block up-down converter that greatly expands the bladeRF’s usable frequency range down" LF/MF/HF/VHF transverter (60kHz to 300MHz)

  • I think you'll find that the capacitor locations are occupied by shunts (zero ohm resistors) and that the resistor locations are unpopulated.

  • drawing 21.3mA from 5V supply while running the AHRS code at 16MHz

  • Is it possible to use the AVR Dragon and debugWire protocol with this board via the ISP header?
    If so, how would you switch back to ISP mode using AVR Studio?

  • I just measured about 20mA idle with 5V input. Can't run an active test at the moment, but the datasheet shows an extra 4mA for processor active. I'd guess you have some margin. Will post again when I have it running properly.

  • You can program and upload it using the Arduino IDE; the 9DOF AHRS code is written for Arduino.
    The 16MHz board seems to run the AHRS code correctly after removing the highpass filters (see previous comment).
    You can lower the clock speed by adding the line:
    in the setup routine, but if it runs far enough to execute this line, it may not be necessary.
    Can anyone comment on whether high or low temperatures might be a problem?

  • Pictures and link to detailed explanation by Jordi Munoz are at

  • Quite true, but I thought we were talking about the preloaded firmware:
    The latest version of 9DOF code fits quite easily on the 328 though.

  • see reply to ledshine below

  • Same mods as Jordi Munoz describes for the Razor 6DOF on his DIY Drones blog. Look for entry "How to remove the High Pass Filter from your ArduIMU and Razor boards."
    You'll need to use the 9DOF schematic and datasheets above to find the corresponding parts on this board.
    Let me know if you'd like a photo of my board with the mods.

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