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  • but if it gets hit by lightning?

  • Timing Belt Mount

  • i'm also seeing this problem on the rasberrypi

    reading registers 0x00, 0x01, or 0x04 all turn up the same data (0x00)

    the only way ive found to get elements 9 thru 12 is to read 0x00 in word mode (2 bytes in the same read)

    but the larger read to get 32 bytes at once (the only way to get to 0x04) crashes the system solid

  • from what i can see in the schematic, it should cut out at 2.6 volts

  • the search works in a binary manner, so its likely going to be fully sorted, you would want to search that array for each address you want to know about, and then query things by address

  • how does this look with this cable it looks like it might bend too sharply going out the hole

  • A true rms volt meter on account mode may also work to measure the resonance across the coil

  • id be interested in if the GPU is more open, so i can take advantage of the entire chip

    ive run into some ideas with the RPI that couldnt be done because the pins i wanted could only be accessed by the GPU

  • yeah,

    ive tried doing some bit-banging from the kernel level, and it maxed out at 20mhz if i disable all scheduling/interupts (didnt measure jitter)

    i think it was 10mhz or less if i ran a schedule() call between every toggle of the pin, so best case, it will randomly hang in the current state for 1/10,000,000th of a second or more

    and things will only get worse as you try to run any load

  • yeah, thats where it would be useful to track how many times a container has been handled

    after being handled 20 times for example, there is a decent chance that somebody messed up, count it again!

    but if a box is only handled twice, you know the chances of a mistake are much lower

    barcodes work just as well, cheaper to tag the items