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  • I got all the way through the check out process, did the paypal payment and it forwarded back to sparkfun to tell me the order was complete but it didnt say that. It just went back to the last page of the check out again. I freakin paid and the order didn’t go through. By that point it was around $96k so I went through the whole paypal payment AGAIN and it once again threw me back to the main page but then said “Free day is over”. So way to go sparkfun IT. Go back to hot wiring Speak and Spells and stay the hell away from servers. PS I sent your customer support people screen shots of the BS. That order was PLACED. Absolutely no reason it could not have gone through at that point other than a MAJOR F'up on your end. And you want to know why I’m so pissed? I lost my job and have a senior design project to complete, now with no components.

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