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  • Could you pleas tell me / us how you get the problems fit?
    I don’t know how to program it right now…

  • Hi all, hello SeanB,
    thanks for the info.
    But i still have a question because i can?t communicate with the board.
    I have now removed R5 to get access to the ram but i don?t know witch file i have to copy to it from the uartcontorl.zip.
    And when i try to use the VS1000 Programming Tool i get this error-message:
    “VS10xx device is not found. Please connect a VS10xx device to USB port with booting from SPI/NAND flash disabled so VS10xx ROM code can create a "NO_FLASH” ramdisk.“
    Can anybody pleas help me on how to connect the board via the serial port to control it like "VJay” describes?
    Unfortunately i can not directly write a mail to vjay :-(

  • Hello all!
    I’ve got a question.
    I want to connect my VS1000 to an Arduino board and control it via serial commands.
    If I have understood everything I need to upload the UARTCONTROL020 firmware to the board.
    But how can I transfer it to the board? Do I need a programmer? Or I can establish the communication via the Arduino board by using the FTDI chip while the arduino is in reset mode?
    I am grateful for every suggestion.
    Greetings from Germany.

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