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  • I was about to suggest this one, too. Great store, seems perfect to me for SF stuff.

  • I ordered the Lantronix sockets listed below in related products with my ID-20 so I would have the option to replace the module easily if needed, but I didn't end up using them because they didn't hold the reader in. I think the pins on the reader were just a little too short to fit all the way into the sockets. I just soldered the reader right onto the breakout.
    I also used right angle female header for the breakout, and wire it up to the breadboard. This allows for more versatility in positioning the reader while keeping other circuit elements organized.

  • After having tested this for awhile, I am satisfied with the range. With no obstruction, the credit-card sized tags from SparkFun can be read from about 5-6 inches directly in front of or behind the reader, and from about 2 inches around the sides. Nonmetallic obstructions (stacks of paper, wood, etc.) have little effect on the range. The cards can be read through one layer of aluminum foil from about 1 inch, and not at all through more layers, not surprisingly...
    This works perfectly behind the door it was intended for, so I'm happy :)

  • If these aren't in stock by Free Day, can they be backordered as part of a Free Day order? Would that incur extra shipping charges? Normally I wouldn't mind, but these are cheap enough that shipping could cost as much as the parts, and I might just want to wait until they could be part of a bigger non-Free Day order....

  • Thanks! It looks like this is the reader I'll go with.
    And I'm going to at least start with the credit card shaped tags here at Sparkfun, and see where that gets me.

  • Can this be cut in half to make two smaller rows of sockets, specifically for use with the RFID breakout board?

  • I'm looking for an RFID reader, and my choice is between the the ID20 and the Parallax serial rfid reader http://www.parallax.com/Store/Accessories/Communication/tabid/161/ProductID/114/Default.aspx?SortField=ProductName,ProductName I am looking for one that will read tags through a door, which is 2" solid wood, but with thinner inset panels that are about 3/4". I could definitely fit either reader over one of these panels. Is it feasible to have a keychain-type RFID tag be readable through the door, and which reader would be best suited for this application?
    Thanks a lot!!