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  • Ok I successfully connected a 3.3v I2C sensor to Arduino 5v using only 1 TX for the I2C protocol (SDA), can anyone tell me why on earth does the clock need to be bidirectional ? I read in all the comments that both I2C lines should be connected to the TX, but since the RX are only 1 direction to the LV, it blocks any other input signal i needed from the sensor. Since i connected it to the MPR121 touch sensor i need an interrupt input from the sensor which is actively high, so i connected it to the TX, and the SCL to the RX. The sensor is working perfectly, can anyone explain why the SCL needs to be bidirectional, when does the I2C slave input a clock signal ? Thanks and if anyone wants into on how to connect it to the MP121 Touch sensor write me id be glad to help.

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