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  • Not really - a lot of littlewire's functionality comes from special hardware features which only work on certain pins. You would be better off just installing littlewire on a digispark if cost is a concern - they are $8 each and electrically compatible with littlewire firmware.

  • Or you can get the DigiSpark now for $8! http://digistump.com - a programmable attiny85 board, with a voltage regulator included too and arduino app support.

  • The ATTINY85 lacks hardware bootloader support essential to running bootloadHID and just about any other boot loader. To bootload the tiny85 you need to use a specially optimised tiny bootloader - https://github.com/Bluebie/micronucleus-t85 is currently the smallest, but in it's default configuration it expects USB signals on pb3 and pb4 (like on the LittleWire.cc and DigiSpark), so you'll need to change firmware/bootloaderconfig.h's configuration to use the wiring of the AVR Stick and recompile.

    Micronucleus is currently the smallest usb bootloader for tiny85. There are some much smaller serial bootloaders like tinysafeboot. I don't know of any tiny85 bootloaders which support avrdude. All the USB ones require their own program, but micronucleus' program has been built and tested on Mac, Windows, and Linux with no issues. :)

  • That's an expensive way to make an LED matrix. Better to use LED strings and just have one LilyTiny to drive the whole string (you'll probably need a better battery though - like a lipo battery - sparkfun has some and it wont harm the LilyTiny to power it with a lithium ion cell or lithium polymer battery.

  • Yep! The USI related pins are all broken out, so you can drive LED strings by bitbanging in software or via the USI hardware for a little more performance. You'll need an extra power supply though - a button battery is barely enough power to run a one single colour LED.

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