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  • I didn't say SPARCsparkards? I said SPARCf_*_ckards. (sort of.) I was wondering what would happen. Nice edit, and I think it was automated. Wow, the wonder of it all!

  • here are some of their trademarks:
    SPARCbook? SPARCengine? SPARClite? SPARClet? SPARCluster? SPARCluster1? SPARCompiler? SPARCphone? SPARCplug? SPARCprinter? SPARCcenter? SPARCserver? SPARCstation? SPARCstorage? SPARCsummit? SPARCtop? SPARCworks? SPARK?
    ...and those are only some of the ones in that form. notice the last one too. It might get complicated. BUT you are very popular with me and I'd buy from you under any name that didn't cause problems for me if my relatives found it on a bill. SPARC should stop being SPARCsparkards?

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