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  • I thought I understood this but something isn’t computing…
    It appears that GND is in the PCB but doesn’t have a through hole for a wire when the LED has been snapped off. Seems the other sub-PCBs have a GND hole on them.
    In other words, if I disconnet the LED PCB from the ProtoSnap, solder wires to the holes, and connected it to my Arduino UNO, how I hook up GND?

  • Ahhh. A little explanation goes a long way. Thanks!

  • I’m just beginning, haven’t had a chance to get anything plugged in, and have read some tutorials on basic electronics so this may seem like a really noobie question: Where is GND on the RGB LED PCB?
    I don’t see it on the pictures or in the schematic yet if the LED lights up as part of the code then I figure it’s got to be there somewhere. Or are those electrons being vented out to the atmosphere (as opposed to the LED using them all of them up so there’s no need for GND)?
    I’m one of those types that likes to get something quickly working first to build my confidence so I already ordered one - then it’s onto breadboarding!

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