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Kee Nethery

Member Since: November 29, 2009

Country: United States

  • Looking for suggestions on how to talk to the Powerline Communications Modem Highspeed PLC-UART-HS SEN-09359 via Arduino software based serial port (or I2C). Am using Arduino Duemilanove UART for the IDE.
    PLC-UART-HS powered by Arduino. Arduino powered by a 9volt DC 650ma supply.
    On the PLC-UART-HS interface header I have:
    J6_1(GD) Arduino GND
    J6_2(TX) -> direct connection to Arduino D2 serial RX at 9600
    J6_3(RX) <- 3.3 resistor voltage divider <- Arduino D3 serial TX at 9600 (D3 - 9.2Kohm - J6_3(RX) - 19.4Kohm - GND)
    Sending three "+" characters from Arduino and then immediately watching for incoming data. Nothing comes back.
    Is there a suggested wiring connection scheme between this and the Arduino that might give me a better chance of success?
    Use RS485 interface board UART to RS485 Interface Card SEN-09083? Suggested wiring?
    Use SC16IS750 I2C/SPI-to-UART IC BOB-09745? As a plus it can buffer data from PLC-UART-HS. Wiring from BOB-09745 to the PLC-UART-HS?
    Logic Level Converter BOB-08745? To replace the resistor network I am using.
    Even open to using a different powerline board. Suggestions? Thanks.

  • To make sure I run the right software on the right Arduino hardware configuration, I have wired the relay to different digital I/O pins on the different prototype shields that I am using.
    In setup() I set the relay CTRL digital pin to input and sense whether it is HIGH or LOW. Relay CTRL appears LOW (value of 0) when attached to a relay board and HIGH (value of 1) when not connected to anything.
    If the relay is detected, I change the digital pin to output, exit out of setup(), and continue into loop().

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