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  • I can't get the basic sample to run on Teensy 2.0 Any idea on what's going on?

    It chokes on the first call to the wire lib.

  • Thank you!

  • Can I use this breakout to turn on/off a device 110V? Home appliance, computer whatever...

  • the link to the tut is dead - any replacement?

  • it has the stick up antenna kind (the firmware allows to set the antenna chip or the external, I used both)

  • Hello there. I just got the Wi-Fly (RN-XV) and it is driving me bonkers!

    I try open and mixed security on the AP and no matter what I keep getting AUTH-ERR when I try to join.

    AP Side: - no mac address enforcing, WPAv1, b/g, channel 8 WiFLY side: firmware 2.30 SSID=TEST Chan=8 ExtAnt=0 Join=1 Auth=MIXED Mask=0x1fff Rate=3, 11 Mb Linkmon=5 Passphrase=LetMeIn1 TxPower=0

    It's hooked on a XBEE Explorer Regulated and connected via USB to the PC/Mac.

    From Putty I join and I get this: Auto-Assoc TEST chan=8 mode=WPA1 SCAN OK Joining TEST now.. Disconn from TEST,AUTH-ERR

    Any help is a great Christmas gift at this point!

    Thanks - me

  • What should I use to power a lilypad that is attached to find tiny patches of conductive fabric?

  • Does this work with Arduino 2009 or fries it?

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