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Created the AeroQuad open source quadcopter.

Programming Languages

C, C++, LabVIEW


CSU Long Beach


Software Development, GUI’s, quadcopters



  • Nathan! Darn! Too bad we didn’t cross paths at Maker Faire NY. We had a booth for our AeroQuad open source quadcopter project! We build them from Arduinos and design our shields to use sensors from Sparkfun! Please check us out at AeroQuad.com!

  • Hey guys, I started the AeroQuad open source project and it has grown so wonderfully that I’ve been able to open up a shop, just last week. Looking at Nate’s pictures just reminds me of what I’m going through now. Please check out pictures at: http://aeroquad.com/showthread.php?5908-Special-Announcement-please-read!

    I’ve pretty much modeled most of my business after SparkFun (free software and hardware designs). I’m not sure about the beer though, with my CNC machines around… :)

  • Guess what? We have a DIY open source project called the AeroQuad, mostly built from SparkFun parts! Check us out at http://www.AeroQuad.com. It’s been a lot of fun learning and coding how to make these cool machines fly. We also have a great on-line community to share new ideas… and to figure out how to get them implemented. Please check us out! We are about to release heading hold and altitude hold capabilities within the next month or two!

  • Any chance you’d consider making a breakout board mounting three of these gyros to measure X, Y and Z axes?

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