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  • When I was young and naive,I patented a couple of electronic designs -the patent process was allowed to expire after one year when I realized this was going to cost me a lot of money.
    Then I relized since I was using PIC chips in my design,and the flash program memory was lockable (code protection fuse on),no one could possibly copy my design and since the whole point of a patent process was to describe in the public domain all the details of the design,there was absolutely no need for a Patent.
    I later found out that's it's possibly to drill into the PIC and using a fine fibre optic to photograph the contents of the program memory! still don't know if this is folklore.
    As far as I'm concerened Patents belong in the realms of blue chip multi million dollar companys such as drug companies,military defence etc who spent millions of dollars on a single innovation.The man in the street is today completely unlikely to discover or invent anything.The days of Faraday are long since passed together with 'cottage' industries.
    If every piece of software had been patented,I would be hard put to developing my oown software since I build on examples already writen and debugged.It sure has made my job a lot easier.

  • Hi there !
    I recently constructed a GPS clock using the Lassen IQ, 3310 Nokia LCD and PIC18F252.
    Diplays ZDA data - date and time inside the house!
    Trick is to capture a few satellites with sight of sky with battery back up, and them permanently attach a mains dc adaptor.A 1Farrad capacitor for RAM will keep module in NMEA ASCII mode.
    But be warned.loss of power for a few minutes will entail loss of ZDA info and takes 20 minutes to re-start with sky line of sight.Maybe much shorter if you do not have 2 mobile phone masts outside your front door1

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