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Country: Netherlands



Teacher / professor / coach

Spoken Languages

Dutch, English, German, French

Programming Languages

C, C++, Pascal, C#, PHP, Java, Python


Windesheim University of Applied Sciences / Pieter Zandt Highschool


Robotics, LEGO, Arduino


LEGO, Sailing, etc.


  • News - Fluke Responds to Tradema… | last month

    very good to hear about this generous and sincere response by Fluke… I can also understand their concerns. I have a Fluke myself, at school we have a Velleman that does the job and looks like a Fluke but isn’t as nice as my Fluke (so sometimes I let my students use my Fluke in stead).

    Thanks Fluke, nice of you guys to think about the community and SFE!

  • Product DEV-12646 | about 4 months ago

    Great!!! Go Paul!!!!

  • News - BatchPCB and SparkFun are… | last year

    What I liked about BatchPCB is that they had a very good bot. I just ordered my first prints at OSH but had a mistake in the first version (they helped very well and removed it). Hope they will encorporate it in OSH with SFE help ;)

  • Product LCD-00258 | about a year ago

    For Arduino, I have good experience with this and the Arduino using the SerLCD from library. I also added some functions for the 2.5 firmware (setType, let’s one set the type of display; scrollLeft and scrollRight, scrolls the text to left or right).

  • News - Engineering Roundtable - … | about a year ago

    very, very nice! interesting for education, I will share it with my high school Informatics students…

  • Product ROB-08782 | about 2 years ago

    I bought three, they are not very strong, molested two already so I think I will stick with servos…

  • News - Siri Universal Remote | about 2 years ago

    A nice tutorial would be really neat ;)

  • News - Siri Universal Remote | about 2 years ago

    believe me, this will become very practical, maybe switching channels isn’t that neat, although, never need to find your remote, never need to wash your hands when cooking e.g. Steve Jobs also had this in mind I heard (I hope to get his book this weekend to check his idea’s).

  • Product COM-10445 | about 3 years ago

    So is that just a green and red dot, or are they LED’s? I don’t think so but want to be sure…

  • Product CEL-09607 | about 3 years ago

    Mine has the same problem :‘( It worked fine but now it doesn’t. I even notice some marks on the stickers so it seems to really overhet the SM5100B. But… how come it does that. The datasheet says it should be able to handle up to 16V input. I 'only’ used 12 (5A adapter). So how can we damage the regulator?

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