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  • AliExpress has some suppliers (I found one with this title: "50PCS HX711 HX711 SOP16") for only a few bucks.

  • Very interesting, this will really help in creating one's own ARM solutions and provides a solid base to build those on. Thanks SFE!

  • This is a very good shield. We made one ourselves for a high altitude balloon project with some students not too long ago but it will help teensy 3.x to a larger audience.

  • That thing is huge, I made my custom XBee for Teensy board already more than a year ago, the XBee header can fit over the teensy so very modular. I like the pjrc.com version also better than this large board.

  • If it could be a bit more precise one could maybe use it for DIY PNP applications.

  • neat product, if I want to connect normal pads instead of the biomedical pads, how large do I need them to be?

  • very good to hear about this generous and sincere response by Fluke... I can also understand their concerns. I have a Fluke myself, at school we have a Velleman that does the job and looks like a Fluke but isn't as nice as my Fluke (so sometimes I let my students use my Fluke in stead).

    Thanks Fluke, nice of you guys to think about the community and SFE!

  • Great!!! Go Paul!!!!

  • What I liked about BatchPCB is that they had a very good bot. I just ordered my first prints at OSH but had a mistake in the first version (they helped very well and removed it). Hope they will encorporate it in OSH with SFE help ;)

  • For Arduino, I have good experience with this and the Arduino using the SerLCD from Arduino.cc library. I also added some functions for the 2.5 firmware (setType, let's one set the type of display; scrollLeft and scrollRight, scrolls the text to left or right).


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