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Country: Canada



19 years, 2nd year CS student at the University of Windsor. Interest in hardware design, chemical analysis, and clever and efficient methods of producing code.


Student, Barback, Drug Advisor


UWindsor Computer Science Society

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C/Python BASIC Ruby Python Haskell


uwindsor uwindsor - SOCR


University of Windsor


Human Pharmacology, POSIX-like systems, c programming, embedded systems.


CS, Pharmacological/Organic Chem, Mathematics (proofs), Riddles, Drugs, Large projects, Longboarding, Designing simple and efficient solutions and interfaces for my devices/utilities, Woodworking, Model trains (Not to mention the real ones)…

  • Apparently I managed to forgot I replied to this. I think I need sleep, too.

  • It’d probably be healthiest to stay off of a computer entirely for a few days, but I can’t quite do that in CS or just appealing to my activities in general. And I have some writing to do regardless. So I’m just gonna suck it up, take anti-inflammatory drugs, and see my doctor :P

    The knee needs some looking at again anyway, who knows, perhaps sparkfun will have alerted me to a genetic predisposition to some sort of issues related to osteoporosis early on with their clever schemes.

  • This was ok if not a little frustrating (The site apparently wasn’t even communicating with the page as I was typing in captchas and “checking” for 25 minutes after the thing ended, but at least reCaptcha has a real world purpose.

    Also it turns out that my knee might not just be localized osteoarthritis with very occasional knee effusion, as the joints in my fingers are swollen and have limited motion. And my TMD might me related to that too. Apparently my mother also has joint issues, but she’s 51. I’m the only one from my friends who had this issue from the typing -__-

    Typing break! But my WPM rate is certainly better than before.

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