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  • On a larger scale I made a variety of these which used six 3W RGB's mounted on an aluminum cube that hung suspended inside the shape: first stellation icosahedron (They were also controlled by Mega48's on a serial bus.)

    This is another one I did a few years back-- I used a single ~3W RGB on a star board (per cube) and controlled it with a Mega48 on a multidrop serial bus: gameshow boxes

    Another kind neat effect my placing the LEDs close to the plastic: white chaser

    While not my video, you can see the big 'pendant' lamps in this as well as some illuminated tables and fiber optic effects I built as well: Ground Kontrol

  • @braddock-- correct, regulated power input is a good idea.
    The earlier "gamer" baseboards (sold for a limited time through the Uzebox forums) shipped with 5.5V power adapters to allow for some extra drop from onboard regulation.
    SparkFun wanted this version to use their 'standard' 5.0V power supply (model #TOL-08269). Having an additional onboard LDO would have dropped the power to the AVCore module under 5.0VDC as a result, so there is no regulation present on the board.

  • The module does take a 5VDC input (since it's slightly overclocked to a multiple of the NTSC video frequency it needs the extra voltage margin for the speed). I think what you're seeing on the schematic is actually the 3.3V regulator that's necessary to power the micro SD card. That is included on the module-- you just give the module 5VDC in and it should be happy. (The Gamer Baseboard uses a Sparkfun 5V DC power adapter to power the module.)
    If you're reading the Uzebox forums, there were earlier versions that did have a 3.3V input, but there were a couple chips that wouldn't run full speed at 3.3V, so I changed it to 5V to be safe.
    Hope you have fun with it!

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