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  • At that point it was no longer about the "birds and the bees"........

  • "You mean no one told Hatsy that it's autonomous?!?"

  • I should also mention i tried with Serial.print and Serial.write, neither worked.

  • I need help!!!!

    I just noticed in the serial monitor that if you code the Serial.print('\r'); then this will NOT print. It will print the / but not \ which seems to be a common post as a mistake by the user guide. Can someone help me with this? I am using an Arduino Mini Pro 5V w/ ATMega328. Here is my code. I did not comment it out.

    void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); //set serial to 115200 baud rate } void loop() {

    Serial.write('1'); Serial.write('f'); Serial.write('5'); Serial.write("\r"); Serial.println(); digitalWrite(13, HIGH); delay(2000); Serial.print('1'); Serial.print('r'); Serial.print('5'); Serial.print("\r"); Serial.println(); digitalWrite(13, LOW); delay(2000);


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