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  • Hmm... I don't know if it is to late, but I was trying to do solder paste soldering with a toaster. It has heating elements on top and bottom if you lay it on its side.
    I did some "temperature tests" and saw that it goes up to 250 in just about 1-2 mins. I guess toasters could be thee next big thing :)
    All that is needed is control the heating up time, or reflow profiles. I didn't use any actual solder paste, and I tried it with just a copper clad with no circuit and cut a piece of my soldering wire. The only problem, i think, is that the clad seems to smoke before the solder, that is without any temp controling, just setting it on and wait till it hits 250.
    Also, it does go up to 320 but it takes a while to get there after going up to 280.

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