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  • One thing you could do with this is take interesting photos of plants: http://store.publiclab.org/collections/diy-infrared-photography/products/infragram-diy-filter-pack

  • Preemptory comment - I have not yet built a line-following or jousting robot. But I had two thoughts about this contest, when I first read about it:
    - The whole gravitational disassembly aspect of the contest, while exciting on one level, would have turned me off if I'd just put the finishing touches on a shiny new robot.
    - Part of the charm of the contest depends on being there in person, but for those of us who can't swing a trip across country for a contest (or even a workshop and a contest), a mail-in option would be nice. I see the other comment about remote control, but I think it would be sufficient to say that mail-in entries have to be autonomous.
    - I had a robot to enter (not yet, but someday. . .)
    - I could mail it there and back
    - I had a reasonable assurance that it wouldn't fall three feet onto a concrete floor ;)
    I would certainly ship it off and see how it would do.

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