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  • Plus one from me please. I also missed ordering this, and I am not really up to sourcing a board and parts at this time. I would also buy one if they came back.

    If anyone else here is making one, email me at orubin at gmail dot com. I would like one as well.

  • Thanks.I will report back when I hear something.
    Ouch: One simple question asked and answered about every other day? This is going to take a long time to resolve. SIGH!

  • OK, I carefully built the kit, I tested all the LED sheets before inserting them into the board, and all parts seem to be properly placed. I see no solder bridges, and it all looks good. But NOTHING happens when I power it up. Occasionally an LED might blink a color, but that is all. Could the ATMEL be bad? If so, how can I tell? I have debugged this as far as I can go and it is not working.
    If you are not on the high end of kit building, you may want to PASS on this kit. I am an engineer, and I seem to have messed it up somehow (or received a bad part) But not sure how to know.

  • So I am glad I came here to read this, because I too was confused when I got the kit. There are more parts than listed in the instructions, and the PCB is not the same as the images. I started to assemble it when not on the net, and stopped because the instructions and parts did not match.
    A few suggestions and comments
    1). I agree, this kist is a bit over priced, and bending the LEDs is a difficult task. For the price of this kit, toss in an extra LED or two so we can make a mistake. (Thanks to the quick people at Sparkfun for quickly replacing a dead LED I received.)
    2). Label the parts, or include a cheat sheet to tell us what they mean. They were all in one little bag and I have no idea what "5KM" means on a small cap.(Yes, I figured it out be elimination.)
    3). Include documentation. A note that the drawings are wrong, that some parts have changed and why, and even some instructions, especially given that the on-line ones are wrong now would be welcomed here

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