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  • Buttercup, Puffkin, Howland Oates, Eyeballs, and Charles Manson award a necklace to their old friend with the obscured name while contemplating the complexities of being inanimate.

  • Lab results indicate Lucky can also be unlucky.

  • Pew pew pew!

  • On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

    • three unsolvable captchas,
    • two trademark lawsuits,
  • Sparkfun, not to be a Negative Nancy, but it looks like every year the competition is becoming more and more hazardous. Some of those ground vehicles are getting pretty high powered and heavy and could really hurt someone. Some kind of kill switch or actual physical barriers between the course and the crowd really seem to be in order, or even a weight limit. I won't even mention how I feel about the air vehicles. This is a great competition, but all you have to do is seriously injure one person and it'll all be over. Safety should come first, and should be promoted. There's a reason FIRST requires safety glasses in their pits, has a fully barricaded arena, and promotes safety above all else. That's because it's important, just my two cents...

  • Or, you can comment on one of them. :)

    • 1.) Build robot suit
    • 2.) High five people
    • 3.) ???
    • 4.) $$$ Profit!
  • Has Sparkfun considered spinning off a non-profit for your educational outreach? It could be supported by the company, but at events such as this maybe a non-profit wouldn't be charged nearly as much. If you do a lot of these events with no intention of sales and donate any proceeds towards charity.. There's no reason you couldn't do it under the umbrella of a non-profit organization.

  • The stack of red boxes looked like a fire hydrant, by the time I realized what I had done this was the only one I could save.

  • I take offense to this. I have spent hundreds of dollars on this site, though I have never saved a dime with a coupon, discount, or free shipping as I have on just about every single other online retailer I have ever shopped at. Of course people want something or free when its offered, who doesn't? But I have a better chance of hitting the lottery than winning your free day. You offer a good service with your product lines and tutorials, but I believe your free days have been failures in terms of serving your customers. I also attempted last year, and couldn't get anywhere with the quiz due to the sluggish servers. And the year before that... Nothing. I get the feeling that Sparkfun enjoys the increased traffic and customer base but does not consider the negative impacts on your loyal customers. To say that "most" registered "yesterday or today" is naive and does you a disservice. You have to consider, with every customer that took the time to write a negative comment with their explained rationale, there are ten or twenty more that felt the same way that didn't take the time to post. Rather, they decided not to fool with it anymore and take their business elsewhere. Why "luck of the draw"? How does that truly benefit your loyal customers? It benefits 2,000 completely random people, and it benefits Sparkfun's bottom line from all of the publicity and new customers. So really, it doesn't hurt you in the long run, but that doesn't make it "right".

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