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  • In the next version of the redbot library we have added a new command. Redbot.fly()

  • I'm intrigued.... Why is the shipment of this product to some territories restricted?

  • I wonder what the noise is like of this?

    72 LEDs each driven by PWM. That can't be good for other equipment.

  • I was asked once to explain the function of basic electronic components in a way that someone without any knowledge of engineering or maths would understand. The hydraulic analogy is good but requires understanding of pressures.

    I went with Traffic to explain it. Diodes are one way streets, Transistors are traffic lights, Resistors are traffic calming measures (You'll have to be in the UK to understand that one). At a more detailed level the cars can represent charge (current) with the number of people in each car being the energy (volts).

    This worked well for me. I understand that under great scrutiny it collapse for the explanation of basic principles it is sound.

  • I think there maybe a mistake in your text.

    Pseudocode: If (271 and 135), or (135),

    I believe it should read

    Pseudocode: If (271 and 132), or (135).

    This is a great article very welll written. PLC have always amazed me and I would love to play with one. Unfortunately I don't have the space to set one up. I have a number of designs for implementing one using the arduino boards.

  • What type of real time clock do you have on this?<br />

  • If the problem is oxidisation one could always use a reducing agent. This is probably a little excessive especially considering the cheapness (the word doesn't look right) of a new tube/roll of solder.

  • I have used scratch before and I have taught it. It is aimed at younger kids however it is a good system for teaching the fundamentals of programming. The extension of this to allow programming of control systems is superb.
    It is important however that scratch is not used as a long term solution. Scratch should be for the fundamentals only. Once the fundamentals are understood then traditional methods of developments should be used.
    The only fear that I hold about systems like this is that it easily allow people to overlook the more theoretical areas involved in software development and control theory/systems.

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