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Male, 21, AZ, USA, little smallish town. Not too much to say about myself, got a robot project ive been planning, also looking to build an arduino usb joystick with the teensy board.



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learning C/C++, but can read java and basic.




electronics hardware design, crochet




Like to read Popular Science, don’t write for anything myself.

  • hmm…I do stand corrected, thank you.

  • How is it not relevant? The image in the example link shows exactly where on the underside of the board you need to attach the crystal. Is it really too difficult to break these pins out to use a different crystal? why would you need anything other than a 32Khz crystal, since that’s what ALL RTC products use for time keeping?

  • achivement get - published author!

    Actually I’ve been working in processing alot myself lately, though more for software than hardware use. Recently moved into IntelliJ to better export finished applications, and top of my list is importing the Processing core into my programs :) processing is a very simple beginner language, but when you really work with it, it’s quite powerful.

  • @Sparkfun: Have you guys ever considered re-drafting this board to fit a cell holder as well? Something like a 14500 Lipo (AA size) or the 18650 cells many folks might salvage from old laptop batteries? Having this board prefitted to a holder, or even just mounted metal contacts for the cell would be awesome!

  • Awesome! and that would be awesome to see the new employees faces when you dig it up the next time you need a bigger workspace :)

  • Its amazig to think such a small hobbiest startup can become a leading name in consumer electronics and engineering. Why not commerate the move with a time capsule?

  • +1 ! I would totally support this one.

  • I have a couple uses for this, and I think the mesh network aspect would be much more interesting, maybe over bluetooth? as for ‘range of transmitter’ there are the Sparkfun GSM kits, but then you’re paying the monthly fee to keep the simcard active, which is efectively the same as what’s already on the market :) But power saving and mesh networking, that definately has potential!

  • I’m not saying it can’t be done, i just don’t really see the use. Like many project sites, Sparkfun already HAS forums set up where people can go to collaborate on various projects, and as with any forum, theres a few threads in there where the main topic was abandoned due to various members going off on some tangent of the project, rather than directly helping with the goal of the thread. So to save the interest of THIS thread, I would be glad to chat with you over on skype if you want to look me up :)

  • I love this idea, but have to argue the usefulness of such a database. this sounds like any other internet forum, except most forums are 10% project discussion, 90% people telling each other who’s wrong until the original thread is abandoned. This would almost have to be restricted to an educational community to work well.

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