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Male, 21, AZ, USA, little smallish town. Not too much to say about myself, got a robot project ive been planning, also looking to build an arduino usb joystick with the teensy board.



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learning C/C++, but can read java and basic.




electronics hardware design, crochet




Like to read Popular Science, don't write for anything myself.

  • female to female jumpers make sense.... but then for header-based boards, wouldn't we need female to male jumpers, not male to male as listed? :-)

  • So in general, this is almost meant for use in the autonomous vehicle competition? :)

  • ... I may be a bit behind.. but ya'll may want to review/revise your schematic for this one. The two pins for Enable and Power Save are connected to the VBATT net, instead of to the IC... ?

  • I wonder how old this typo ish...

    The SpeakJet can be controlled simultaneously by logic changes on any one of its eight Event Input lines, and by a single I/O serial line, allowing for both CPU-controlled and stand-along operations.

    "stand-along" in the last line, instead of stand-alone :P

  • I might be missing something, but I fail to understand the cost of this product. 1024x768 is roughly 0.78 megapixels. There are many online retailers where i could get a basic 1.3-2.0 megapixel usb 2.0 webcam for under $10, with cheap or free shipping. Is there any particular reason this webcam is superior? Could you link a factory product page or informational sheet on it?

    I would also argue the "don't expect to use it for photography or movie making" since for years we have been using 0.3MP webcams, and older cell phone cameras for such. While newer devices have gifted everyone with five ot eight or more megapixel cell phone cameras, and very high resolution DSLR units, there's no reason to count out a basic webcam for things like timelapse recording or remotr monitoring.

  • Since I cant find the info here or on the Intel site... Does anyone have the board dimensions? preferably with the edison mounted to it.

  • This might seem an odd question, but at 4-9V input... Has anyone considered making aversion of this board with a micro-usb input connector? I can't speak for everyone, but between phones and tablets, i have an excess of micro-usb cables laying around, and im sure I can't be the only one with nothing to do with them.

  • He was not yer sure if the lamp was truely evil, or merely guarding the printer against interruption.

  • NOT an entry: Thought we already did November... shouldn't this be titled december, based on the description? :-P

  • Very shiny indeed! this is also nice for my old Asus netbook with the chrome browser! I think the only limit I see is it doesn't look like it supports the Teensy 2.0/3.0/3.1 yet? Definately going to be keeping an eye on this project!

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