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  • I've got 430 of these things running full bore (RBG @ 100% = white) and at 5VDC and it pulls around 10A. So, yes, you totally need to run supplemental copper in order to get enough power to all the components.

  • Yeah, regarding office bullshit, I wouldn't necessarily put documentation in that category. For me, office bullshit consists of things like filling out expense reports, mid-year reviews, reorganizations, and the like. Documentation is your friend! Well, sometimes.

    One of the approaches to the daily grind that has been gaining traction where I work is the elimination (as much as possible) of multitasking. Focusing on finishing tasks, as opposed to starting them. Setting clear priorities across departments, because there can really only be one most important project at a time. Trying to limit interrupting your coworkers, while at the same time, having the cojones to tell people no. Remembering that being responsive to someone's email request doesn't automatically mean dropping everything right now to send a response. Are you able to get things done? What about when it comes time to just kill the engineer and move out of development and into testing?

    I'm curious how you guys handle projects with specific requirements. Not all new products are the direct result of a single innovative idea. Many times, there are requirements (user, interface, safety, legal, etc.) that need to be incorporated into a product's design. How do you determine if you made what you were supposed to make, and if it's what the customer actually wanted/needed?

  • Awesome!

  • At work, we are supposed to use IE, and that's what I do most of the time. It's tricky to know if the issues encountered are due to IE, or whatever the IS department has going on in the background, e.g., the HTTPS errors that pop up, and images that don't seem to load properly when poking around on SparkFun's site. Every now and then I'll open up FF, but it gets all grumpy on my work computer. Never mind me trying to troubleshoot the issues, because I'm supposed to be working in the first place, right? I actually loaded up Chrome two days ago because I was getting tired of the outdated browser messages when checking gmail.

    At home, it's pretty much all FF, all the time, for no real reason other than firefox is fun to say [cue Ylvis]. After reading through this post, and the subsequent comments, I'm beginning to wonder what I'm missing. Great, now I have another thing to add to the to-do list... thanks a lot...

    But, to be honest, I think I typically hold the folks who put together the sites themselves accountable for any issues encountered. I mean, come on... putting together websites is easy-peasy! Well, I know it's not really that easy, but you know what I mean. Website issues, even if they are my fault, my browser's fault, my ISP's fault, make the website's owner look like a dork (not that I think the folks at SparkFun are dorks... it's the folks in the IS department at work).

  • No wonder she didn't pick my kitchen after I pitched it! Either that, or it's because I spelled her name wrong? Here's the video I put together in an attepmt to get my kitchen considered... let me know what you think of my black hoodie. And the guy in the first shot isn't me, but his shirt is pretty cool as well... but not as cool as my hoodie.



  • Want.

  • I tried... got up to the enter your credit card section multiple times and that was all she wrote. Oh well, I'll probably just place the order anyway since I was so geeked to get the stuff. Maybe next year you could let us local folks come over to place the order in person... I'm right across the street from you and it didn't matter. You guys are the best. Whoo-hoo!

  • Normally I'd be thinking that folks are really lazy if they have to buy a wiring harness like this... but DANG the connectors are a pain in the behind to DIY! These assemblies are totally almost worth their weight in gold. Nice to know the folks as Sparkfun got our backs.

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