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  • I would imagine this would work well with most shields. Which motorshield do you have doubts about?

  • The Particle Cloud compiler / Web IDE / etc are not required to use this device. You can always compile locally, flash locally, and use the device w/o the internet

  • Quick question for the Sparkfun staff: Image Link I see those pads in the datasheet but they aren't connected to anything. Why are they there? They appears to be in the "keepout" area. Are they there to provide another mounting point for the module?

  • Hey, can you repost your Eagle LBR? the link you posted as expired.

  • Two questions: 1. Does Sparkfun have a source for the more powerful 09110 motor by chance? 2. Would it be acceptable to assume that the larger 09110 have the same dimensions as this motor (the 06230)?