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  • I've been having getting the Arduino IDE to load programs reliably. I got my EL Sequencer and an FTDI cable from Sparkfun. I soldered a header onto the FTDI pins so I could hook up the cable properly, set the switch to FTDI and the other switch for USB power. The board comes on nicely, and sometimes I can load a simple blink program, but often the upload times out.

    I set the unit up as a LilyPad with the faster processor, so that seems OK, and I downloaded a new driver, just in case that was the problem. I turned on upload verbose mode in the IDE, but didn't get any new clues. Searching various forums, I realized I am not alone. A lot of LINUX and Mac users are having a similar problem. The closest thing to a fix is to hit the reset button on the board at the same time as starting the upload. It's rather finicky, but this often works. Unfortunately, it doesn't work reliably.

    I've used Lilypads with my Mac, and they seem to reset automatically. Is there something missing on the FTDI cable? Would I have been better using the FTDI to USB adapter that you sell? What's up?

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