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  • For those of you thinking of getting into an EE major...listen up...because you will take a class (more than likely two semesters worth) on this subject alone of transistor biasing. For me they were called Active Networks I and II. Like Pete said, this is not a precises thing. If you are not very interested in this kind of thing, it can be very hard to get practical examples of where this is used in the classroom (thank God for the internet).

    If you do take a class on this, I hope you have a teacher like Pete vs. a tenured professor who teaches this from their tenured lesson plan that is grossly out of date so that they can spend more time on research and less time adding value to what you learn (I'm not bitter). Thanks for lesson and bringing back memories of late night study sessions Pete, it reminds me of why I do IT now ;-)

  • If you mean a Sparkfun distro, that would be pretty cool. Sparkfun OS! There are several engineering related applications in the debian repository. On the latest version of Ubuntu you can find Arduino and Fritzing in the software center app. You could make a stream-lined Linux distro making it easier for people setting up their own robotics network.

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  • Issac Clarke!!!!

  • Pre-Skynet, killer-5 bots were known as just high-5 bots

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