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  • What is the maximum power that can be transmitted with this antenna?

  • Can someone explain the purpose of cap C4 between RST and *DTR of the FT232?

  • The schematic and Makefile show atmega168, but I see and atmega328P on the card.
    I assume I should change the Makefile to atmega328p?
    Also, in nRF_USB2Serial.c, line 75 (in the USART ISR), the input byte counter is set to zero when 416 bytes are received. But in the main event loop, a 512 byte buffer is assumed. So, I think 96 bytes of garbage (or maybe all zeros) are sent after every 416 good bytes of data?
    That seems to align with what I see when I send large blocks of data. I see what I expect for 416 bytes, a pause where nothing happens, then the results I expect to see for the remaining bytes.
    So, I was going to reprogram to see if that fixes the problem. But, 416 is a number that seems like it might have been picked for a reason? Maybe a 512 SRAM part needed those extra bytes for the stack? And someone forgot to change the 512 to 416 in main() also?
    Dave Thomas

  • I downloaded from the link “C code (zip)”. I see only one file
    It references functions:
    That are not in this file. Probably the includes:



    Where can I get nRF24L01_lib.c?
    Dave Thomas

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