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  • Any chance you'll sell that shirt? Or maybe make a system where we send in a picture of our best soldering work to prove we deserve it? That would be so cool!

  • In my intro to digital logic class, we used Altera DE-1 FPGA prototype boards. While I don't like to recommend leaning Verilog, and the Quartus/ModelSim software pretty much sucks, I still learned a ton from it. The board is only a hundred bucks or so and it has 7seg displays and whatnot if this one doesn't have enough built in stuff to work with.

  • Hm, this looks around the right size to stick to the back of a wristwatch. Might be on the big side, but it's worth trying.

  • I love how Sparkfun will post a product, then also say "BTW here are like 3 different AWESOME accessories for it." eliminates multiple orders from multiple dealers, and ensure compatibility.

  • I absolutely love this book. Required material for anyone who works with electronics.

  • Well, I should say that I have, ahem acquired the professional version.

  • Well I should qualify that I'm judging from observation. I only ever used Fritzing for one board before I started using Eagle, for the reasons you said. I would say that Fritzing is a little less intimidating for beginners though.

  • Fritzing is really a wonderful program for learning PCB layout. I haven't used it in a while, as I've moved on to the more powerful EagleCAD, but Fritzing can help make that initial learning curve a little softer.

  • Thanks man! Yeah it was a ton of fun. He is such a cool guy, he was really helpful in helping me find a soundfont that sounded like JMJ's harp. I have a couple semi-crappy videos of it on my youtube channel (connerthomas24) but the real cool part was playing it through a huge sound system for my school's talent show.

  • Or you could just make one out of lasers like I did...

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