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  • i will answer myself here. i managed to get 20hz updates unpinned, using information from people here (earlier messages). best way: * one use arduino mega with 4 hardware serial ports, tx0 is usb, connect venus to tx1/rx1. * one download a serial pass through program to the arduino (before wiring the tx1/rx1 pins to the venus….), starting with 115200 for tx0, 9600 for tx1. * now on serial monitor 115200 speed you should see the data. * open GPS tool from here, connect to arduino port with 115200 speed, configure to read only 1 NMEA message series (example, GPRMC only 1). * then set serial speed to 115200. * close GPS tool, download a new arduino program this time with both serial speeds 115200. * test with serial monitor, you should get 1hz messages 1 line with 115200 speed. * now open again GPS tool, set update rate to 20hz, done. perhaps it works with all message series as well, i didnt try.

  • hello. i received yesterday this module and also bought an active magnetic sma antenna. i get the GPRMC data successfully on arduino + digole i2c screen, and fast signal lock, but i have the following issues: 1. the lat-lon position is somewhat off by 30 kilometers. it is showing steady position, but wrong 2. the time is wrong (-3 hours), should i add 3 hours in general as i am in gmt+2? 3. the data seems to have a delay. the speed for example goes zero after 3-4 seconds after i stop with the car. the other data stabilize also after 4-5 seconds. 4. i read that the lat-long numbers can never go actually to 10-20hz update, you get 20hz data but the numbers change at 1hz, is that true? i am still new to this, i suppose i need to do some serial connection to pc and do some firmware configuration/settings? all i want is fast (10hz+) lat/long updates for a trackday app i am making.

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