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  • I don’t understand what’s wrong…this totally worked on Star Trek…maybe a little more solder here…

  • I’m such a sucker for free - I got mine! Thanks for the fun promotion!

  • Seriously Guys - I said “we need more room on the breakout board for these lights”. Not “we need to breakout on the board room table with these lights”.

  • I agree with shutterdrone - this is great and I’m so grateful. Besides, they stated this a chance to stretch the legs of their new server cluster - we are their Perf test team (and while perf testing doesn’t usually cost 100k, it sure is a cool way to do it).
    @Rich - shhhhhh - you told people?! The less that know the more chance there for us.
    Sidenote: I got my Getting Started with Arduino book in the mail today and promptly ordered my first Duemilanove. Looking forward to free day to grab some extras!

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