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  • The reason your header-ed board outsold the other is probably because most people getting into this for the first time (and probably don't hang out and comment much) wanted a lower bar of entry. All your experienced customers (and the ones that hang out and comment) went the headerless route because they have the capacity (time, equipment and experience) to do the soldering needed. Totally my guess and opinion, though.

    I can only speak for myself, but as much as I love tinkering and making projects, I usually only have small windows of time here and there to work on it. I have a number of boards I was really excited to play with when I got them...sitting there waiting to get their headers soldered on. While a board with headers already on can just be dropped into a breadboard and off I go. I finally came to the conclusion that if I wait for time to pretty up my projects with everything soldered up nice and neat, I'll never finish a project. Instead, I can just hide an ugly mess of jumper wires and a breadboard in a box and I get to actually use the projects in a practical way. I also don't have a workbench - when I do need to solder I'm plugging it into the closest outlet and throwing a piece of cardboard under there to solder it up real quick, because I've got 15 minutes - dining room table, bathroom counter, on the floor... I'm sure a lot of tinkerers have a nice workbench setup and the idea of soldering some headers on is no big deal. But for me, 4 times out of 5 I'll buy the board with headers if I have the choice so I can be up and running out of the box. As others have said, though, having both options (soldered and unsoldered) is ideal.

  • I don't understand what's wrong...this totally worked on Star Trek...maybe a little more solder here...

  • I'm such a sucker for free - I got mine! Thanks for the fun promotion!

  • Seriously Guys - I said “we need more room on the breakout board for these lights”. Not “we need to breakout on the board room table with these lights”.

  • I agree with shutterdrone - this is great and I'm so grateful. Besides, they stated this a chance to stretch the legs of their new server cluster - we are their Perf test team (and while perf testing doesn't usually cost 100k, it sure is a cool way to do it).
    @Rich - shhhhhh - you told people?! The less that know the more chance there for us.
    Sidenote: I got my Getting Started with Arduino book in the mail today and promptly ordered my first Duemilanove. Looking forward to free day to grab some extras!

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