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  • ok I can now confirm after making my pcb that the sfe library part for this is wrong. The output tab is not connected. Now I have a regulator with no connected output. I mistakenly thought the 3rd terminal would be output (because the datasheet is totally unclear for the smd part) but it is just the same as the input voltage.
    awesome now I have a whole bunch of pcbs to mod!!!!

  • The library schematic symbol only shows three pins: in, out and GND but the app notes show four pins for the SMD version:
    in, out, VOut and GND. I assume Vout and Out are the same thing?
    Also when I connect the device in Eagle schematic I get an error that there are two pins labeled Out (but only one connected and I can’t see the other pin).
    In the PCB layout I can see the big tab that represents the point called “Vout” in the app notes but I am not sure if I should be connecting something to this?

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