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  • Great idea- I second the 'wire them in series' thought. Run them for an hour that way and see how warm you get.

    Adding a layer of high temp silicone material could keep them from bending too much and breaking from flexing too much (especially on the seat).

  • I found this a few days ago and have to share it (It is Christmas time!)...

    Ever want to make a Data Logger / Data Acquisition System an Arduino?

    This free LArVa software from Angstrom Designs makes it too easy!

    They also have great documentationto get you going.

    It lets you read the 6 Analog channels, read or turn on 12 Digital I/Os… AND drive 6 PWM outputs.

    They also offer a great App Note for simple temperature measuring.

    I had issues using the Save tab but found right-clicking on the graph, going down to Export let me get the data into Excel and chart it out myself.

    Here is a short article about LArVa, written up in Test and Measurement World. (It's not 100% accurate as you can only control/read from 12 digital I/Os, not 14, as you need 2 for the UART to the USB.)


    (I don't work for them, I promise. This is just too cool to keep to myself)

  • Very cool concept, but seems pricey to get people started with Arduino (& should a beginner smoke the MCU, you can't just toss a new one on easily).
    It was $20 here but I understand it was a fund raiser.
    I'd pay $30, but not $45.

  • The Wii Nunchuck needs 3.3V.
    Please remake this item with a simple 3.3V LDO and a few caps (a PCB with hooks for the Nunchuck to grab onto would be ideal).
    5V will smoke your Nunchuck after a short while.
    And , please tell people that many aftermarket (non-OEM) Nunchucks do not function right with the Arduino.
    Less pain = less discouraged customers :)

  • I ran across this USB to serial that is made to drop right on to a breadboard and directly interface with the ATMEGA328:
    Can SparkFun make a beauty like this? I have had no success locating them on their own.
    Seems perfect! A person could make it longer and include the Vcc, GND, XTAL and caps.
    (maybe this is the wrong place to submit suggestions)

  • The author fails to mention Resistors! I wonder how many have smoked their MCU (they can only handle 20mA/pin).
    Others have brought it up, but no one has changed the instructions. A beginner would have no idea this is needed.

  • Alex has made a NEW version that has more features...
    you can: kill columns
    add filters
    have multi-tiered filtering
    Thanks again Alex!

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