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  • If your inverter behaves wildly because your there is no load, or if your loads are unbalanced (ie. you are switching between 6" of EL wire and 60' of EL wire) I found you can balance the loads using a capacitor in place of EL wire.
    Capacitance of EL wire is about 1nF per foot, so if your inverter is rated for a minimum 20' and you are only driving a couple of inches of EL wire, you can put a 20nF cap across the inverter output to calm down the inverter. I believe it is behaving like a LC oscillator, and needs to be tuned to have a certain natural frequency.
    Similarly in the case above, you can put a ~60nF cap across the 6" section of wire.
    It would be great if you used a TRIAC with zero crossing detection. That way you could dim the wire by chopping the AC.

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