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  • You state the cable is "USB 2.0 Type C". USB 2.0 is 408Mb (and it's common to have USB-C -> USB-C cables that can only do 480Mb).

    Later you sate "Type C Connectors feature a maximum data throughput of 10Gbps". Is this cable a USB 2.0 cable or not?

    In the same sentence you state (Type C Connectors feature ...) "and a current carrying capacity of 5.0A. The Type C connectors can carry 5.0A, ONLY if the cable is properly constructed. Is this cable capable of carrying 5.0A? Does it have an e-marker?

    it almost sounds like someone read the capabilities that a USB-C connectors can have, and not what this cable does do.

  • I don’t see any Security Torx. It would be almost perfect if it included Security Torx bits!

  • @Matt21 - it’s an electric, powered screwdriver. It drives/removes screws via battery power and a builtin electric motor.