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  • News - New Product Friday: Actob… | about 4 months ago

    lmao at the end

    I don’t think any another company gives me a happiness sensation when they get new products, what is your magic sparkfun?

  • News - October Caption Contest | about 6 months ago

    body of a text: In conclusion, the research proved that awesome people have beards and like LEDs. caption for the image: Mister Robert Cowan is an example of an awesome person.

  • News - New Product Friday: The R… | about 9 months ago

    I get your point, like I said I undestand this thing’s potential on young kids that never used electronics… all I tried to say was that this is so expensive compared to using the same money to do the same thing and that the cost of production seems high. But whatever, it’s better that sparkfun have as much diferent products as possible than do not have them, because if I don’t like those I just don’t buy it…

  • News - New Product Friday: The R… | about 9 months ago

    these cublets are a joke, $25 for a passive or a blocker cubelet, you kidding me right? what the hell are those, a piece of wire inside with some 2 small tires? I know all the potential for education it may have for being simple for 4 - 10 year old kids to play with it but it’s REALLY expensive… just imagine you buy 4 of them, $100… and 4 of them almost do nothing… if they cost like $5 bucks the simpler ones, and $10 the more “complex” ones I would totally respect it. I would not buy them but at least say they are interesting…

    look at these cubelets kit on their website $520 for a set of 20 of those + a power cord… that’s more than enough to make a 3d printer

  • Product SEN-11005 | about 9 months ago

    why there’s not an arduino shield or an interface board for this thing? Phone jack, needs an analog circuit and there is no board for this? There are boards for things a lot simpler than that…

  • Product SEN-11651 | about a year ago

    that product is awesome, it’s the perfect example of products sparkfun should have… simple to use, full of features, accessible price compared to other options, etc

  • News - January Caption Contest | about a year ago

    Mr Malone, who was recently interned as a schizophrenia patient, trying to murder the flea he claims being able to see

  • News - January Caption Contest | about a year ago

    it’s ok to solder this enriched uranium wire if i have the necessary safety… a nice helmet

  • News - January Caption Contest | about a year ago

    Mr William is an example of people that suffer with the very rare condition known as the solderphobia.

  • News - December Caption Contest | about a year ago

    even the owls in this picture can’t think of a nice caption for it

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