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  • I'm also looking the schematic of this so I can fix a board I have. Can't find it at Pololu. :(

  • Is there an Eagle CAD foot print for this?

  • I have a GSM cellular device with an antenna connector that is the same size and looks very similar to this U.FL connector, but it has no center pin. ??? Does anyone know what this connector is?

    I tried plugging a U.FL antenna lead I have into it and it kind of does fit, though doesn't snap into place as I would expect and clearly the lack of center pin means the must be an air gap.

    There is also a 3/16" square pad on the edge of the PCB where the old antenna connected with a spring pin type connection. Could I just solder the center pin of my external antenna cable to this pad and not worry about finding this odd U.FL like connector?

    UPDATE: I discovered that the connector I'm looking at is an SWG test probe connector and is not intended to be used as an external antenna connection… So I guess all I need to know now is can I solder to the pad on the PCB or somehow replace this SWG with one of these U.FL...

  • Has anyone tried to crimp JST SH or ZH pins with these???

  • Same problem here...

  • Hey someone took it out of my cart!

  • I never want to see Captchas ever again!
    But I WON something on Free day for the first time ever!!! Thanks SparkFun! :)

  • It doesn't look like glass fiber, but if it is, then people who buy this should be WARNED that woking with glass fiber can be very dangerous to your eye sight. If when cutting glass fibers, small pieces of the fiber get into your eyes, they can penetrate with almost no effort and cause irreparable damage to your vision.
    EDIT: I see now it's listed as resin fiber in the description.

  • No airflow meter on this one like the Aoyue 852 you had before... :(

  • I WANT ONE!!!!

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