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  • Congradulations. I always love when companies explain how and why they did things, because it is leaving a trail for other people to follow, and learn from.

    Again Congrats on the new place, good luck. and make it your own.

  • How can i get it to output 5v@1000ma(1A) or more? what could i do?

  • Operating System Process Control Stacked.

  • They told me about E-Textiles, Knitting electronics.. but threading the Soldering Iron is hard.

  • Well after using my fathers soldering iron for the past 8 years... he got a real job again, so he needs it back. nothing can compete with his. in less than 5 seconds i can be soldering after turning it on. the tips never ware out. (even when i didnt tin them or take any care of them).

    how does this one compare?

  • what a strange expression, the "High 5", I feel i'm starting to get it.

  • any news on this? anyone test it?

    im looking for max and min voltages. is it safe to hook into car power (8-15v)?

  • well i went ahead and bought one. being speedy and trying to rush to finish my project, i applied 5v... and today reading this i scared myself, its a 3.3v device. but it works at 5v (not saying its safe) im going to go home and fix this asap. its no real change, its swaping the vcc and analog ref.

    the day i got it i was already with some code from http://neuroelec.com/2011/03/fft-library-for-arduino/ and i wired it up and used http://code.google.com/p/serialchart/ to graph it, and it worked as expected.

    than i modifyed the code to interface into the "Analog" RGB strips. and now i have a nice spectrum analizer. workes beautiful for music, going to play BlackOps and see how it looks. wrapped behind my tv.

  • while at MakerFair would your staff be able to help people in their personal projects. say i have a project that i cant figure out why its not working, could i bring it to your booth and discuss how to trubble shoot the problem.

  • well last year was my first year going to any MakerFair, and i loved it. it was the best thing i did all year, and it even got my girlfriend more interested in the creative community. she used to be all about just replicating other peoples work, mainly by singing there songs, but up there she saw how much better it is to make your own stuff. she was enthrawled in the jewlery and stuff. but she came to understand why i ignore her some of the time for my projects. and what they can turn out to be.

    its sad that they charge so much for the booths, its not like you guys were selling anything it was more of a way for SparkFun to connect with its members. I hope you can get a booth at NYC MakerFair.