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  • To put it out there. Customer support contacted me back in a timely manner and sent the missing parts from my order via airmail free of charge. This is why Sparkfun is superior over other suppliers. Thank you for your excellent customer support.

  • To answer my own question. RTS and DTR are not brought out to the end of the board. I just received them today. However, the actual Xbee modules themselves were missing from my order... Tisk Tisk SparkFun, I have contacted Customer Support.

  • Is anyone actually attempting to convert the analog readings into a BAC percentage? According to the data sheet it will only read up to 10mg/l. Doing some ruff math, 10mg/L of exhaled alcohol will only yield a BAC of .02 Therefore anything above .02 cannot be accurately measured. Can anyone confirm this? In other words, how drunk were you while taking readings? Did you take a drink directly before the test or wait until the mouth alcohol dissipated over a time period? ( 2 minutes is standard law enforcement re-test time.) Any input would be appreciated, Thanks.

  • The new regulators are good for 500ma. Even while sourcing the max current through all of the I/O pins you should still be within the limits of the regulator.

  • Not sure if i am seeing things. But is RTS and DTR not brought out to the end of the board where the 5V, GND, DIN, DOUT lies. I see that you can use the pads that are in parallel with the Xbee headers just wondering if it is possible to connect everything to one end of the board. Thanks.

  • 3.4V

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