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  • While I'm disappointed I didn't win (but please don't confuse me with whining that I didn't win ;P) I can't say I had much fun this year as I spent more time trying to do captchas rather than what made free days a lot of fun for me, chatting on IRC!

    Personally I thought it was going to be a system where you enter into a draw for 20 seconds (or even longer depending) and then someone in that draw is picked randomly and then later having to complete another captcha to enter in for the next draw/s for x time. Constantly doing captchas wasn't fun at all but I gave it a shot for 3.5 hours before giving up and having some sleep xD (About 6:30AM UTC+10). I was also at a slight disadvantage as I'm in Australia, I was stuck on mobile broadband (I'm surprised it was working at all) and I had limited bandwidth left on the mobile broadband.

    I'm curious to how you determined what a bot was and if I was marked as a bot and was 'meant' to win but didn't because I was marked as a bot... Probably not, but hey, there is always next year!

    Lastly, thanks for running the event, and I'll see you next year! I will say this, I like the fact the event was spread out over the day. I hope it will be like that next year as well.

    Also, on IRC #occupyfreeday still has users in it!

  • 322 books apparently!

  • More interactive sounds a lot better than endlessly typing in captchas!

  • I did 3.5 hours nearly continuously with an average rate of 1 per 4 seconds and an error once every 40-60.

    Oh and the result, no win for the 3rd year in a row. Well, there is always next year!

  • Hehe, I came to Freeday again (Hooray for it starting at 3AM in my timezone) and left empty handed again. Oh well, 3rd time's a charm right?
    Although sparkfun is finally getting money from me within a month as I'll be placing my first order! (Although I've gotten my uni to order from sparkfun before).