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  • FWIW I have connected this LCD with a 5V power supply to a 5V Arduino board with no level conversion and it worked. Presumably this may reduce the lifetime of the LCD.
    According to the Datasheet this is operating within the "Limiting Values" listed on page 17 of the driver IC. "Stresses above those listed under limiting values may cause permanent damage to the device."

  • FWIW I generally leave mine on 375 degrees Celsius.

  • msarnoff: Or use my site, ChipDB: www.chipdb.net<br /><br />
    That site looks really cool. You should talk with the guys behind Octopart.com about it.<br />

  • Oh, get a room you two. :D

  • I think you have it backwards--it's so everyone can yell at you at once. :D

  • Two thoughts:
    * Could you clarify whether the robot should complete its task or fail to complete its task? "robots that did the most menial task in the most laborious way possible" suggests the task should be achieved but other comments suggest it should fail.
    * Not to make this serious and with a high-minded goal in mind instead of just for fun but...what is biodegradability and recycling? Those things are essentially "destruction" but we think of them as positive things. Perhaps for those who view "mindless destruction" as a bad thing it would help to think of this as having potential for "mindful destruction"? I'm reminded of the "most useless machine" as featured on Colbert the other night: its only purpose is to switch itself off when switched on. Imagine a robot that completed a task and then dismantled itself piece by piece! Result: Complete destruction of the robot but no waste.

  • Don't forget "Tinkerbell! Tinkerbell!"... :)
    The band were great....

  • I'm pleased you've made progress with your LCD.
    I haven't actually progressed myself any further than getting Mark's code running but from a quick look you can use the LCDSetPixel (in "LCD_driver.h") or setPixel(in "SparkLCD.pde") to set the colour of individual pixels.

  • I got Mark's Arduino code working with the breakout board version of this.
    Can you be more specific about what errors you're getting?

  • Hi AlterEgo,
    As far as I can tell the standard I2C pins are A4 and A5 even for the WiiChuck Adapter and Jee Labs Plug Shield.
    Where did you find an information source that said A0 and A1 were used for I2C?