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  • The video tutorial is excellent especially considering how short it was. Not only was it informative but it managed to stay interesting and stick to the point. The addition of music etc help to keep it entertaining. Please stick with this format.
    As a beginner I would also love to see your series of "Beginning Embedded Electronics" made into video tutorials.
    Lastly having something like a wiki (or maybe the forum) to keep these things organized and accessible whilst allowing customer respinse would be good.
    I'm impressed so far and it would be interesting to see how this initiative develops.
    Also watching what was going on from your side of the fence was pretty cool.
    2 thumbs up from me

  • link for soldering iron points to analog one, not the digital one as in the description

  • Although from a user perspective it was a frustrating experience, the intent and deed from the perspective of sparkfun remains unchanged.
    There will always be people that abuse situations but that is no fault of sparkfun.
    I thank you Sparkfun for setting such a precedent thats unparalelled in the community. As a beginner its the thing that provided the motivation to make up my mind and get my first parts to start learning.
    I put in my order today (~$200) although i figure it will take ages due to the freeday craziness.
    In the future as an international customer what I would love the most is free shipping (i could have got a couple of arduinos if i didnt have to pay that)!

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