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  • Erm... do you mean the emitter to ground, and collector to the load? You've got it backwards. And don't forget a current limiting resistor between the base and the I/O pin. And the resistor in series with the LED. Else, you'd have some interesting things happen...

  • Yeah, I thought that's what he described first as well... but then I realized that in the setup that was described, the high frequency signals are being passed through the capacitor to ground. The (relatively) low frequency signals are not, for the most part, passed through the capacitor to ground. So a capacitor is a high pass filter, but when used to ground a signal line, it becomes a low pass filter.

  • I'd say that it's actually better for people in Asia... you know, we do work (and go to school) here in America. And it just so happens that the time that Freeday takes place is the same time that I'm in school. A school with lousy web filters that block Sparkfun... oh well.

  • I wish Sparkfun would just sell conductive foam. I know it's possible to make your own, but I'm a bit lazy (plus I must buy the foam anyway, so it'd probably be easier just to buy pre-made conductive foam...). Sparkfun obviously already has the conductive foam too, they give it to you in your orders of IC's. It would even be a new product they would have to source, because they already have it. Please start selling conductive foam, Sparkfun!

  • You got an entire month vacation? In Thailand? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

  • Yeah, really! "Oh, I have some garbage that's worthless to me, so let's sell it for MONEY to our customers!" I appreciate the fact that some people may have a use for these, but the way Sparkfun charges you to take their garbage is just... I don't have a word for it. It is somewhat insulting in a way.

  • Wow, the laziness of people is becoming sickening. Years ago, you would've had to solder your electrical components together to even make anything work. Then came the breadboard, and it got way easier. Apparently everyone is now too desensitized to even use such an easy to use tool. I don't really mean to bash these, because they do make development quicker, but if you give someone a fish, you fed 'em for a meal. If you teach them to fish, you gave them food for a lifetime. If beginners get used to having everything come in these plug and play packages, they'd be way behind anyone else that learned electronics the hard way.

  • Mine operates the same way. When I flipped the switch to "No Power" I assumed that it wasn't pumping 5 volts into it. Which, scared the crap out of me, BTW. I unplugged my walwart and shorted the power bus to discharge my huge filter caps. The LED matrix went out as expected, only to come back to life as I removed the wire shorting the bus. I'm glad that the programmer is at least buffered and power protected...

  • I think it's hilarious how SFE always makes remarks about wanting beer, when there are some pretty young kids coming on here. Whatevs...

  • AHH I just ordered stuff and that plastic tape reminds me - I FORGOT TO ORDER COPPER TAPE!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!

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