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  • Both the AutoDriver library and GitHub links above are 404

  • I'm one of those home automation interested peeps. A product SparkFun should be aware of [if you're not already] which you could add hopefully to your offerings would be Z-uno which is a Arduino compliant Z-wave transceiver. Z-wave, IMHO, seems to be a solid protocol to build home automation projects around. These are not available in the US yet [ this page says they are "seeking for a partner"]. They also do a RBPi device.

  • Just a "Ha ... how about that!" ...was watching "The Blacklist" Season #1 Episode #6 a guy is rigging a car to blow up with remote detonator [about 34 sec in] and includes a "RED" PC board in his "rigging". Of course when I see the Sparkfun signature red board I can't help myself .... I gotta single frame it to see if I can figure out which board it is. Sadly it's this one. I say "sadly" because it should have been an XBee, or maybe a GSM. How you would use a stepper motor driver to blow up a car I have no idea!! (Homeland Security ... please carefully re-read that last sentence .. thank you).

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